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The Nashville Diaries

Jewel On A Plane

After The Crown

Messages From The Universe
A Novel Idea
Lessons Learned in Lightning Storms
When Life Gets Overwhelming… Leave.
How I Landed My Job With USA Today
Fighting the “What’s Next” Paradox
Jewel On A Plane

Random Adventure Posts

Lessons Learned in Lightning Storms
When Life Gets Overwhelming… Leave.
How I Landed My Job With USA Today
Fighting the “What’s Next” Paradox
What Models Really Think Of During Fashion Shows
My America’s Got Talent Audition
How I Accidentally Auditioned for America’s Got Talent
Dear 2013…
The Three Loves in Life
Secrets of Travel Bloggers
Turning 25 with Twenty One Pilots
How I Visited Paris and Never Left Home
What I Learned Working with Earth Wind & Fire
What Happens When You Brunch With A Magician
When Opportunity Knocked and I Slammed the Door
2012- A Nomadic Year in Pictures
That Time I Met The Muppets…
A Birthday Blog and Why it Made Me Cry
Getting Down (Under): The Australia Playlist
Tuning Up: The Airplane Travel Playlist

My Reign As Miss Nevada

When The Reign Ends
Pageant Girl Problems
Celebrity Chefs Cook for a Cause
LA Fashion Week- A Photo Blog
Red Carpet Interviewing 101
Backstage at I Heart Radio
Two Years of Blogging, A Pageant, and an Unexpected Accolade
That Time I Entered a Beauty Pageant

Product Reviews

Paper Nomad: A Product Review

Nomadic Lifestyle Tips

Money Handling Tips For Travel
Let Them Get The Best of You
Nomad Notes: Packing Rituals
Nomad Notes: Find Your Prosody
Nomad Notes: Fitting Love in Your Backpack
Nomad Notes: Pushing Past the Fear
Why Your Degree Doesn’t Matter
Hostile Hostel Roommates: How to Deal
How a Year of Blogging Changed My Life
The Las Vegas Lowdown: The Female Tourist Misstep
Things Travelers Never Tell You: When Travel Bites
10 Tricks for Getting That Memorable Photo
The Ask All Tell All’s of Nomadic Life: Financing Your Fun
How to Get Everything You’ve Always Wanted: A Guide to Jealous-Free Living

Best Jobs in The World

What Happens When Dream Don’t Come True
Ranger Training with Flipper
Stargazing with Shirley Jones
Aussie Slang Lessons From Thunder From Down Under
Help Me Land The Best Job in the World!


Announcing the Winner of the SoCal Surf Lesson Giveaway!
Your Chance to WIN a Surf Lesson in Southern California!
An Experience of A Lifetime- Lion Interactions
Announcing the Winner of The Lion Cub Encounter Contest
Your Chance to Win a Lion Cub Encounter

Living with the Firewalkers of Fiji

Making Jewelry Out of Coconuts
Fiji Time Explained
When The Villagers Went Missing
Don’t Name The Pigs
That Time I Bombed at The Fijian School
The Firewalkers, A Ceremony, and an Unexpected Guest
That Time I Made Fijian Children Cry
Journey to Beqa- Land of The Firewalkers
Hilary Goes to Fiji- The Movie
When Tropical Bugs Attack
A Fijian Funeral
The Legend of the Firewalkers and A Practical Application of their Magic
Paranormal Activity
That Time I Flashed Fijian Chiefs
Aftermath of Death and Unexpected Gifts
When Everything Changed
Suva City and First Impressions
The Journey to Suva

Australian Adventures

The Boys of Brisbane
That One Time I Toured an A380
It’s a bird! It’s a plane… No really, it’s a plane.
A Guide to Feeding Kangaroos
Koala Cuddling- The Movie
A Koala Kind of Day
Beyond and Beneath the Sea: A Current of Affairs
Dancing Under the Sea: A Great Barrier Reef Romance
The Vegas Unicorn
Before You Go: Australia/Fiji Need-to-Knows
The Road to OZ: WTF Universe?

Parisian Adventures

The Golden Rule of Parisian Fashion and How I Broke It
When Paris Glitters
A Day at the Museum: Navigating the Louvre Labyrinth
My Top 5 Parisian Hangouts- Unusual Places I love in the City of Love
How to Not Piss Off Parisians (in five simple steps)

Post Surf-Trip Adventures

The Learning Curve: Train Tracks to E-mails Back
Back to Eden: Hilary Tries Vegan
A Port Townsend Treasure
Want Me to Jump Out of a Plane and Blog About It? Read on…
Hilary Goes Hiking Part II: Adulation for Banshee Canyon
Hilary Goes Hiking Part I: The City Girl Adjustment
That Time I Inadvertently Swam with Great White Sharks…
The Dana Point Power Outage- Blackout Bonding Backside
When Faced with Rocks and Hard Places, Climb.
Hilary Goes to Acrobatic Yoga
Super Mario Swings at Camp Hollywood

The Maiden Voyage to Nicaragua

In Memory of Talei Jones
New Eyes and Bare Feet
Nicaragua Adventures- The Movie
Heading Home Somewhere Over a Rainbow
One Last Sunrise
Rum and Roller-coaster Rides
Paddling Outside my Comfort Zone
Cerro Negro Part 2: There’s Volcanic Ash in my Bra
Cerro Negro Part 1: A Dune Buggy, Lightning Storm, and Thoughts of Eminent Doom
Coincidence? I Think Not.
Pounding Hooves and Heartbeats
Waves of Hope
A Piece of Paris in Nicaragua
The Adventures of the Four-Legged Surfer
Sun Salutations and Rain Dances
Beware the Hungry Tide
The Mystery of The Night Squawker
Surfer Vernacular 101
The Beginning of Our Endless Summer
An Introduction to El Coco Loco and All Its Inhabitants
The Three-Hour Nicaraguan Tour

In the Beginning

Getting There
City Mouse Takes the Leap (i.e. Flight)
Second Thoughts
It Begins With Rejection…

About Me

About Me

Hey fellow adventurers, my name is Hilary! After being rejected from grad school, I took off on a solo journey around the world. Now I constantly challenge myself to take on new experiences. This blog documents my journeys from Europe to Fiji, swimming with sharks and living with tribes, to becoming an accidental beauty queen and working for one of the top national media outlets. If you like what you're reading, please subscribe! Here's to the next great adventure!

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