The Nashville Diaries

Jewel On A Plane

Jordan sat with me while we waited to board our flight to Nashville.

“I have this sense of peace I haven’t known in quite awhile,” I chattered, unaware that I’d probably been talking for a good ten minutes. “I’m addicted and obsessed but I think it’s a good problem.”

Me— once again— rambling about my “Come To Jewel” moment? Shocker. I was fast becoming a missionary for the Church of Kilcher. We’re a small group but very nice.

Luckily, my brunette beauty of a friend was kind and feigned interest during my prose of adoration to the singer.

Hilary & Jordan

Being a songstress and an empowering woman herself, it was no surprise she remained encouraging about my enthusiasm.

After all, we’d shared many a wine night in the past few months were I lamented over my simultaneously feeling bored and overwhelmed.

I think all of my friends were just thrilled I had moved out of the WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE phase into an I’M EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING phase.

As we boarded the plane, I took stock of our peers.  I used to always be aware of my surroundings when I traveled. Since beginning Chasing Down The Dawn, I found that skill-set returning.

I’d always found it interesting when traveling to see the kind of people who were going with me to my destination. It was no doubt found a different breed of person flying to-and-from LA than to Nicaragua. I always felt like I could get a good idea of what to expect from Southwest’s microcosm.

I noted the baseball hats, North Face jackets, and simple accessories worn by sincere-looking country folk. They blended together, all keeping to themselves but wearing kind smiles.

My eyes fell upon two striking woman sitting mid-plane with a child. The straight-haired brunette was leaning into a luminous blonde, talking quietly amongst themselves. They were by far the most unmistakable women on the plane, though there was nothing overly assuming about them. They could have been me and Jordan in ten years.

I stared innocently, imagining Jordan and myself taking another trip from Vegas to Nashville and what we’d talk about in our thirties.

We stopped right by their seats while the people in front of us put their luggage away. Jordan turned to me and whispered in a low voice, “Um, you’re reading her book.”

It took a moment to register. I faltered. “You mean…”

She nodded.

My head snapped back as I searched the blonde’s eyes for confirmation. She, in turn, was assessing me, but in a kind and interested way. She smiled. I smiled back.

We kept moving down the aisle until we found open seats. My head was spinning.

Could I really be on the same flight as my guru and idolized singer, Jewel? Jordan was sure of it but I was unconvinced. Or maybe I was just too afraid to get my hopes up?

Regardless, I took this divine timing as a sign.

I spent the flight finishing her book, hoping to catch her eye if she needed to use the restroom. In my mind I imagined us talking about her memoir, her providing me with priceless words of wisdom, and us becoming life-long friends. (I never said I had a REALISTIC imagination).

She didn’t come by, and she and her companion disappeared off the plane long before I had a chance to find her. It was like it almost didn’t happen. But for some reason, that felt okay. And it did happen… At least Jordan was sure of it.

And now, a drizzly Nashville awaited.

Hilary in Franklin

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    December 13, 2014

    That’s so cool that Jordan joined you on this adventure. You two make a great team. (Love the pic!) And Jewel flies coach!?! Wow! I never expected that. At least you thought of talking to her. I do the same thing. The better though that you two didn’t talk. You gave her the gift of space. I bet that she appreciated it after being recognized.

    Now for the big question: Did Jordan switch you to decaf before the flight home?

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