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Hilary Billings has found a unique niche in travel and lifestyle blogging by sharing her experiences through story-telling. Hilary strives not only to tell her travel tales with raw honesty, but also to explore local living, the untold tales of cultures, and self-growth.

While she also shares the know-how and travel tips like other traveling pros, has found recognition through her unusual tales on her life in Las Vegas and travels abroad. Popular Las Vegas entertainment and arts magazine, The Las Vegas Weekly, named her Best Blogger for 2013.

The Statistics

Hilary has a dedicated following that is growing continuously! Traffic (updated July 2013)

  • Average Visits Per Day: 185
  • Average Pageviews Per Visit: 2.3
  • Primary Traffic Sources: United States, United Kingdom, Australia & Canada
  • Email, Comment, and RSS Subscribers: 2,495

Social Media

  • Facebook Page Fans: 1,515
  • Twitter Followers: 1,483
  • Klout Score: 64
  • Google Page Rank: 2

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What Readers Are Saying

Hilary has been praised for her ability to explain and convey her emotions, situations, and adventures with a raw honesty “unparalleled by other travel writers.” But more importantly to Hilary, her readers rejoice through their comments and e-mails how much her writing style is appreciated.

Out of the many journals that I’ve read as a writer, Hilary’s has been the one I always look forward to.” –Mike

“She has such a beautiful way with words- and I’m not just talking about (her random sayings like) ‘holy s**t balls.’” –Morgan

“Her life is one-of-a-kind and I am so grateful she wants to share it with all of us.” –Ruby

“Everywhere she goes she leaves a piece of herself and takes a piece of the local tradition with her. She doesn’t just travel the world; she becomes the world.” -Jayms

“Like Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Joshua Solcum, and Jefferson Spivey, Hilary travels the globe solo; but unlike those men she doesn’t conquer territory. She embraces communities and their cultures. The Nomad Grad delves deep and gives you a world unknown to outsiders and tourists. Don’t miss out.” -Gene 

What Travel Writers Are Saying

“Her post was incredibly extensive and had everything you could possibly want. We loved it. The best guest post we’ve received!” -Anthony & Elise Milotic of Positive World Travel

“As editor at large and a travel blogger myself, I’ve come across my fair share of talented travel writers and outstanding personalities. Hilary’s writing, both in terms of quality and creativity, is above the fold.  She’s real, she’s not all fluff, and simply stated, she knows how to write just as much as she knows how to travel.” -Lauren Rains of Outdoor Minded Mag

“Hilary is an absolute delight to work with. I was lucky enough to receive an inspiring guest post from her, which then left me scared that she’d steal some of my traffic to her blog!” -Anthony Middleton of Man Vs. Clock

Available Services/Collaboration Opportunities

Hilary is always looking for honest and adventurous companies to collaborate with. She offers the following:

Freelance Writing/Blogging/Video Hosting

Hilary is available for editorial and web-based publication content. She’s well-versed in red carpet interviewing, travel hosting, wrap-ups, motivational pieces, travel guides, and personal interest stories. She is applauded for her detailed, poignantly funny, and honest contributions. For a list of previous published works, guest posts and features, click here.

Sponsorships/Press Trips

Hilary is always looking for honest and adventurous companies to collaborate with. She has had the pleasure of working with great travel/adventure companies in the past and is always open for new relationships and ideas. For more information about her previous sponsorships and press trips, contact her.

Motivational/Guest Speaking

Hilary loves public speaking and has won awards for her speaking and debating skills. She has previously given motivational and educational talks to a variety of audiences. She is ready and willing to speak at your convention, business event, or school. For a list of her previous motivational speaking experience, click here.

Product Reviews

Hilary is willing to do product reviews with the understanding that she will give an honest review to her readers. This is a non-negotiable stipulation.

Please email Hilary at Hilary (at) NomadGrad (dot) com for more information on pricing and service details.

About Me

About Me

Hey fellow adventurers, my name is Hilary! After being rejected from grad school, I took off on a solo journey around the world. Now I constantly challenge myself to take on new experiences. This blog documents my journeys from Europe to Fiji, swimming with sharks and living with tribes, to becoming an accidental beauty queen and working for one of the top national media outlets. If you like what you're reading, please subscribe! Here's to the next great adventure!

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As Seen On

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